Our Sponsors

Gigi Project relies on the commitment and generosity of our corporate and family donations. Their support helps us reach more people in need and create more events every year.

In turn, we help companies meet crucial business objectives, giving customers and employees a way to get involved with an important cause and make a difference in people’s lives in their communities.

2021-2023 Platinum Sponsors and Donors

2021-2023 Silver Sponsors and Donors

Dr. and Mrs. Barba

O'Keefe Family

Terkanian Family

Network For Good

Siveter Family

Mr. and Mrs. Egan

Mr. Paul Muller

Brick Family

Becker Family

Maro Family

2021-2023 Bronze Sponsors and Donors

Medeiros Family

Degnan Family

Purring Family

Mr. William Mahler

McDonald Family

Ms. Carolyn Bachinsky

Ms. Sofia Yi


Events & Sponsorship

Sponsorship gives brands turn-key opportunities to engage with Gigi Project’s network of consumers and like-minded organizations. Opportunities range from sponsorship of our signature family volunteering community events to our annual fundraising event for one non-profit.

Youth Engagement

Gigi Project works with numerous causes to help those that can’t help themselves, but we can’t do it without young people. We have flexible volunteer opportunities for those on the run with sports and other activities. For example, we offer meal trays for those to bring home and make a meal for hungry, shut-in seniors. We do our best to follow up on social media to communicate the impact of the time, energy, and skills the contribution had.

Ready to Get Involved?

To become a part of our community and get involved with our causes, you can volunteer or make a donation. Learn more about how you can contribute.