The GiGi Project Mission

The Gigi Project is a resource and liaison that connects individuals, groups, and companies with small Greater Philadelphia area-based nonprofit organizations that support the communities in which we live. Learn how you can help through opportunities to get involved or support the project through your charitable donations.

How It All Began

After the premature birth of their twins, Bella and Gigi, Ben and Kelly LeDonni gained a new perspective on life and love. As a family already rooted in service and giving back, the resiliency of their baby girl, Gigi, and the support of their “village” prompted Ben and Kelly to pay-it-forward. They founded the Gigi Project to give back to families and others who needed the support they were fortunate enough to have through their experience.

Gigi's Story

When Gigi and Bella were born, it was exciting and emotional for all the good and not-so-good reasons. After Gigi’s birth, she began experiencing breathing complications, which required ongoing medical assistance. The LeDonnis were told that Gigi had to remain in the hospital under 24/7 supervision, which lasted for the first 4-1/2 months of her life. 

When Gigi was finally able to leave the hospital and go home to her family, she did not arrive alone. Gigi brought a trach and ventilation machine with her and her condition required 24/7 in-home nursing care. 

With Bella to take care of, work, and all of the other responsibilities of life, the LeDonnis relied on the kindness and help of friends, family, and their incredible nurses (call it their “village”). Gradually, Gigi continued to improve and eventually no longer needed the oxygen and ventilation support. Once Gigi was strong enough, her airway was reconstructed by the incredible medical team at CHOP. 

After three years and a dozen procedures, Gigi was a healthy little girl and the LeDonnis no longer had to rely on in-home nursing care. As the LeDonnis said goodbye to the last in-home nurse, they lovingly brought home a baby boy to complete their family of five – and begin their mission to pay it forward.

A Growing Mission

An organization in its infancy with a mission to extend beyond its current impact, the Gigi Project aims to become a true connection between organizations, individuals, and companies to come together to make a real difference in the lives of those within their communities. As the Gigi Project expands, others can get involved through volunteering for the partner organizations and/or by making monetary donations.

Core Values


We believe in giving back to others and helping those who can use some support. It is our duty to pay-it-forward.


If you choose to be anything, choose to be kind. Sometimes a little bit of kindness is all it takes to help someone in need.


It is imperative that we instill a sense of faith, kindness, and charity into the beliefs of each generation - they are our future.

Gigi Project Named a "2021 Top-Rated Nonprofit" by GreatNonprofits

GreatNonprofits is the largest donation website for nonprofits and where people share stories about their personal experiences on more than 1.6 million charities and nonprofits. The GreatNonprofits Top-Rated Awards are the only awards for nonprofits determined by those who have direct experience with the charities – as donors, volunteers and recipients of aid.

Meet the Team

Kelly LeDonni

Creative MMS’s, Special Projects Manager, Kelly LeDonni, is the woman behind the inspiration of the Gigi Project. Led by the morals of and values instilled by her parents and her Villanova education, combined with her passion for innovation and her daughter, Gigi, Kelly's dedication to philanthropy is championing the Gigi Project, where she serves as the co-founder.

Kelly LeDonni

The Gigi Project concept began in 2013. The passion to give back was ignited by Kelly's mom and a discussion between Gigi's home care nurses, while Gigi was trached and vented as a baby. During a visit from the nurses, Kelly and her mom overheard a discussion about a local facility, which housed medically fragile and technology dependent children (75% without family support). They didn’t have volunteers or the supplies needed to advance children to meet their milestones. Kelly's mom immediately took action and began a ministry, “The Gigi Ministry” at St. Martin of Tours Parish Church and encouraged others to volunteer their time. As the kids grew older and Gigi grew healthier, the concept grew organically, took on a bigger mission, including and involving Gigi herself, along with the rest of the LeDonni family. With the support of family, church, and friends, the concept transformed into the “Gigi Project” - an organization that connects individuals and local nonprofits, and distributes donations to those in need.

Ben LeDonni

The founder and CEO of CreativeMMS, Ben LeDonni leads a team of creative marketers and designers that are dedicated to efficacy and continuous innovation. Ben is also a proud father of Gigi, Bella, and Joey and husband to Kelly - the driving forces behind his dedication to charity and giving back. Ben serves alongside his wife as the co-founder of the Gigi Project.

Ben LeDonni

A graduate of Villanova University with a B.S. and M.S. in computer science, Ben was always drawn to understanding the intricacies of technology and how to innovate and create efficiency. With the thirst to learn how things work and an unrelenting thought that "there must be a better way," Ben's strategic approach to problem-solving is his secret to success through all of his endeavors. If you ask Ben what his legacy will be, he will most definitely tell you that it lies in his family, charity, and doing good for everyone around him.
Kristin Marcell

Kristin Marcell

Kristin Marcell is an experienced communications and marketing executive with a demonstrated history of working in public relations, issues management, public affairs, media relations, and crisis communications.

Kristin Marcell

Since August 2018, Kristin has served on the Council Rock School Board, representing Region #9 that includes Wrightstown Township and Newtown Township Districts #1, #2. Kristin is a Council Rock High School graduate and attended the Pennsylvania State University for undergrad then George Washington University to earn a master's degree. She currently resides in Wrightstown with her husband and two children.
Darren Sudman

Darren Sudman

In 2012, Darren Sudman completely changed his career path. Following the sudden death of his son, Simon, he and his wife founded Simon's Heart, an organization dedicated to raising awareness about the conditions and warning signs that lead to sudden cardiac arrest and death in children.

Darren Sudman

In 2012, Darren became CEO of Simon's Heart. During his tenure, the organization surpassed the 15,000 free heart screenings mark. Darren led efforts to enact the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act in 12 states and advocated publicly through media appearances including the TODAY Show, People Magazine, USA Today and Wall Street Journal. The organization also launched Screen Across America (a collaborative to promote groups conducting heart screenings across the country), developed HeartBytes (the first-of-its-kind national cardiac youth registry of seemingly healthy kids), and launched a crowdfunding site dedicated to getting AED devices where kids learn and play. Prior to founding the organization, Darren practiced bankruptcy law, lobbied on Capitol Hill, taught high school history, and managed marketing campaigns and business development deals for two Fortune 500 companies.
Evan McGillin

Evan J. McGillin

Evan McGillin is a lawyer at Morgan Lewis advising clients on corporate matters with a focus on equity and debt financings, corporate governance, securities law, and mergers and acquisitions. A member of the firm’s emerging business and technology practice, Evan represents established and emerging growth companies in a variety of industries.

Evan J. McGillin

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