Get Involved through the Gigi Project

If you are an individual, group, or organization that wants to get involved with helping the homeless, special needs children, or seniors in the Greater Philadelphia area, then the Gigi Project is here to help. We share opportunities to donate your time and/or money to help small, local, nonprofit organizations with missions that align with our values. Please remember that these organizations are local and small, which is why they have the ability to make a big impact within our communities.


Not Sure Which Cause to Support?
Donate Directly to the Gigi Project

The Gigi Project accepts monetary donations of any size from individuals and companies. The funds are distributed quarterly to organizations listed on our site based on their needs at the time of the donation. We will keep you updated on how your donation was distributed and its impact.


Want to Get Involved as a Company?

Whether you want to donate your time or your money as a company or group, here are some opportunities.

Ready to Get Involved?

To become a part of our community and get involved with our causes, you can volunteer or make a donation. Learn more about how you can contribute.